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We offer a wide variety of services to help customers of all stages achieve extraordinary results

Process Piping

Our process piping services are conducted in strict accordance with industry standards and with full compliance with safety procedures. BMSI can produce ASME coded pressure piping under the “S” certificate of authorization for pressure piping and can provide systems that meet or exceed¬† B-31.1, B-31.3 API 1104 Standards. BMSI professionals are certified to work with carbon and stainless steel as well as exotic metals to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Certified Code Welding

Because skilled and experienced welders are required to meet ASME section IX requirements in most of our maintenance projects, BMSI maintains an on-site AWS certification program for excellence in welding. This program, a requirement for employment, ensures that each welder maintains their skills with the latest equipment and most up-to-date techniques. BMSI welders maintain certification on welding a full range of standard and specialty/exotic metals from carbon and stainless steel to titanium, Inconel, copper and many others.

Pressure Vessels

BMSI customers in the chemical, agriculture, tire & rubber, paper and other industries have a range of requirements for pressure vessels used with chemicals, corrosives, steams and gases. We fabricate, repair and modify ASME coded vessels, API standards tanks, process and pressure or steam piping systems.

Our pressure vessel team produces vessels that are ASME Code Certified under Section VIII and can fabricate new vessels or repair and/or modify existing coded vessels under National Board Stamps “S”, “R”, and “U” certificates of authorization for pressure vessels.

Structural Fabrication

BMSI maintains two fully equipped shops to fabricate a variety of equipment and systems to your exact specifications, with quality that meets or exceeds your expectations. We are staffed to complete extensive projects, such as platforms, handrails and superstructures that are on time and within budget.

BMSI has in-house a computer-assisted steel drilling line that is especially designed for structural steel fabrication. It is capable of drilling most standard profiles which includes beams up to 40″ high (rolled & fabricated), angles, channels, T-sections, flat bars, plate up to 40″ wide, girders, tapered beams or other unequal sections, tubes and rails.

Concrete Services

BMSI concrete capabilities include the installation of building slabs, equipment foundations, drainage systems and containments.


BMSI offers waterjet cutting due to many benefits including high precision, small cutting kerf width and high reliability and repeatability. Waterjets are capable of cutting complex 2D and 3D shapes for various purposes and products across numerous industries.

There are multiple benefits plasma cutting has over other methods of metal cutting. These benefits include cost effectiveness, a wider range of metal cuts, high precision, and repeatability.

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